Patty Griffin Show

On Wednesday Kate and I had a fantastic evening out! Thank you so much ….

We went to
The Glee Club in Birmingham to see Patty Griffin. She is launching her new album, American Kid, most of it written in honour of her father.

I managed to not realise it was Patty Griffin and her band at the back door when we were using the disabled lift to get in! She had a great support band and then played with the brilliant guitarist David Pulkingham (Alejandro Escovedo, Dixie Chicks, Courtyard Hounds).

My absolute favourite track of the evening was ‘

She is in a band called Band of Joy with her partner Robert Plant.

All in all it was a fantastic evening and we met some lovely people. Thank you so much to Kate for arranging everything and taking me X

IMG_1306 IMG_1318

Art in Action 2013

A really inspiring day out on Saturday at Art in Action.

Some very talented artists caught my eye including
Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Claire Cawte and Lizzie Farey.

I hope you like the photos from the day.

It is quite a long way in the car but you might want to visit next year. It is on for 4 days in Oxfordshire.

IMG_1435 IMG_1256

IMG_1236 IMG_1436 2

IMG_1437 2 IMG_1432

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'Art in the Garden 2013', Painswick Rococo Garden - CANCELLED

Such sad news! This year’s ‘Art in the Garden’ at Painswick Rococo Garden, Gloucestershire is cancelled.

On Monday, Ian and I were due to deliver my faces and works for the temporary shop in the garden for the exhibition. I feel so sorry for all the other artists who have been working hard preparing special works.

Personally, I have been working on this project for a year. With the subject matter, this has been physically and emotionally draining, so the cancellation is a huge blow.

However, I am particularly disappointed for Paul Hervey-Brookes and his great team of helpers. Paul puts his heart and soul into the show and deserves better than this.

I really hope Art in the Garden survives in some form.

These are the series of ceramic faces, called ‘Progressive Nature’, that I made for this year’s Art in the Garden.

IMG_6790 IMG_6786 IMG_6783 IMG_6793 IMG_6796

Art in Clay 2013

On Saturday we had a great day out at Art in Clay.

We did not go last year, and it was very inspiring to see all the new great clay artists and their work. I have a new favourite,
Janna Edwards. Her work uses casts of her feet and incorporates materials collected from her local beaches.

Many thanks to Ian and Kate for taking me.

IMG_1340 IMG_1348 IMG_1352

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IMG_1361 IMG_1165

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