Scottish Holiday in Ardnamurchan

Just returned from a brilliant holiday in Scotland. This is a small selection of the photos that I took.

IMG_4866 IMG_4895

IMG_4949 IMG_4968

IMG_4973 IMG_4989

IMG_5007 IMG_5081
IMG_5030 IMG_5105

IMG_5124 IMG_5116

IMG_5135 IMG_5203

IMG_5253 IMG_5263

IMG_5303 IMG_5172

IMG_5313 IMG_4957

Please help the dairy farmers

My Dad used to be a dairy farmer. They just want to make a living like the rest of us. Please share on facebook, retweet or display. The original is at

Thank you.


Fine Art Open Competition 2012, Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park,

Fine Art Open Competition 2012, Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park.

Great news, I have been selected for the Halls competition!

I was lucky enough to be chosen for their fist exhibition last year (and sold my torso). They have a wonderful selection of very talented artworks on display.

If you would like to visit, the exhibition is held in the two galleries at the ‘
Granary Art Gallery’, Weston Park.

Wednesday 1st August - Friday 31st August 2012

11am - 4pm.


My work 2012

'Art in The Garden' - Painswick Rococo Garden

I am getting excited about ‘Art in the Garden’. It is my first time I have exhibited at Painswick Rococo Garden. For a month a year (August), they invite artists to exhibit. This year the theme is ‘Embarkation for Dangerous Liaisons’.

These are the 3 torsos I am entering.

If you would like to visit, this is ‘
Painswick Rococo Garden’ website and the ‘Art in the Garden’.

We visited last year and had a great time (and tea!). There are lots of different works of art and something for everyone.

clay torso, ceramic female, dark blue ceramic torso, dark lue, male back in clay ceramic torso, dark blue, female

‘Love Triangle’