The Arter, Stratford

A huge thanks to Ian for dropping 3 torsos and stands off at the Arter in Stratford. I love visiting this gorgeous gallery and sampling the yummy food. The gallery is situated in the beautiful National Trust Shakespeare’s daughters’ house.

If you fancy a visit here is a

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Face casting

Harvey has been helping me. He has made a cast of my face. I am too much of a coward to have it made in one, so lucky boy had to do it in 2 halves and then spent ages joining it together! Many thanks.

I have been experimenting making clay faces and am hoping to make a series of my face for a sculpture exhibition this summer.

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Leaves finished! EWYS 20

So happy!

I have finally finished 59 special commemorative leaves. They were a special order to celebrate 20 years in business for my dear friend Emma, who is a professional singer.