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Charlecote Park

What a lovely day, and we dodged the rain!

Today Kate took me to
Charlecote Park in Warwickshire - so pretty.

It is a 16th century country house on the banks of the River Avon, with deer in the parkland and a beautiful garden. We also sampled the wonderful culinary delights in the Orangery restaurant.

We went to see Charlecote because they hold Art in the Park which I hope to be involved in. They have included many great local artists’ work including
Rachael Carter; a sculptor working in willow and steel.

We called in at
The Arter in Old Town Stratford on the way home. It was Kate’s first visit and she fell in love. The gallery is in Hall’s Croft, Shakespeare’s sister’s home.

Definitely try to visit both if you can!

Thanks Kate for taking me.

IMG_6886 IMG_6884

IMG_6887 IMG_6898

IMG_6899 IMG_6900

IMG_6902 IMG_6903

IMG_5975 IMG_6924

IMG_6927 IMG_6921

IMG_6929 IMG_6933

IMG_6053 IMG_6937

IMG_6939 IMG_6942 IMG_6085

IMG_6087 IMG_1379 IMG_1378

Patty Griffin Show

On Wednesday Kate and I had a fantastic evening out! Thank you so much ….

We went to
The Glee Club in Birmingham to see Patty Griffin. She is launching her new album, American Kid, most of it written in honour of her father.

I managed to not realise it was Patty Griffin and her band at the back door when we were using the disabled lift to get in! She had a great support band and then played with the brilliant guitarist David Pulkingham (Alejandro Escovedo, Dixie Chicks, Courtyard Hounds).

My absolute favourite track of the evening was ‘

She is in a band called Band of Joy with her partner Robert Plant.

All in all it was a fantastic evening and we met some lovely people. Thank you so much to Kate for arranging everything and taking me X

IMG_1306 IMG_1318

Art in Action 2013

A really inspiring day out on Saturday at Art in Action.

Some very talented artists caught my eye including
Brendan Hesmondhalgh, Claire Cawte and Lizzie Farey.

I hope you like the photos from the day.

It is quite a long way in the car but you might want to visit next year. It is on for 4 days in Oxfordshire.

IMG_1435 IMG_1256

IMG_1236 IMG_1436 2

IMG_1437 2 IMG_1432

IMG_1239 IMG_1240

IMG_1244 IMG_1264

IMG_1270 IMG_1439 2

IMG_1248 IMG_1442 2

IMG_1446 IMG_1289

'Art in the Garden 2013', Painswick Rococo Garden - CANCELLED

Such sad news! This year’s ‘Art in the Garden’ at Painswick Rococo Garden, Gloucestershire is cancelled.

On Monday, Ian and I were due to deliver my faces and works for the temporary shop in the garden for the exhibition. I feel so sorry for all the other artists who have been working hard preparing special works.

Personally, I have been working on this project for a year. With the subject matter, this has been physically and emotionally draining, so the cancellation is a huge blow.

However, I am particularly disappointed for Paul Hervey-Brookes and his great team of helpers. Paul puts his heart and soul into the show and deserves better than this.

I really hope Art in the Garden survives in some form.

These are the series of ceramic faces, called ‘Progressive Nature’, that I made for this year’s Art in the Garden.

IMG_6790 IMG_6786 IMG_6783 IMG_6793 IMG_6796

Art in Clay 2013

On Saturday we had a great day out at Art in Clay.

We did not go last year, and it was very inspiring to see all the new great clay artists and their work. I have a new favourite,
Janna Edwards. Her work uses casts of her feet and incorporates materials collected from her local beaches.

Many thanks to Ian and Kate for taking me.

IMG_1340 IMG_1348 IMG_1352

IMG_1358 IMG_1359 IMG_1161

IMG_1361 IMG_1165

IMG_1392 IMG_1369

IMG_1400 IMG_1176

IMG_1387 IMG_1391

IMG_1393 IMG_1196

The Mews Interior Design Company

The Mews Interior Design Company have just launched their brand new website and internet shop. They have some wonderful products on-line, as well as 2 great shops.

Please take a look by
clicking here.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 21.16.12

The Arter, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Had a LOVELY day yesterday, at The Arter in Stratford-Upon-Avon. It is such a great gallery, in a beautiful location (Shakespeare’s daughter’s house, Hall’s Croft). If you get a chance to visit, I thoroughly recommend it. If you do not have enough time to go around the house, pop into the gallery and try a local delicacy in the yummy cafe.

A huge thank you to Paula who made a beautiful display of my work and many thanks to Ian, my delivery boy.

IMG_1124 IMG_1130

IMG_1128 IMG_1123

IMG_1117 IMG_1120

Showborough House, Gloucestershire - Sculpture in the Garden

I am very lucky to exhibiting at Showborough House again this year. If you fancy a day out, there are lots of great garden sculptures in a beautiful garden and they are all for sale.

It is free but donations to charity very welcome.

2nd May to 16th June 2013
Thursday - Sunday and BH Mondays
10.30am to 4.00pm

Big thank you to Ian as delivery boy.

Showborough13-LIT SMITH_227.jpg-£385 copy 2 Showborough13-IMG_135 copy 2 Showborough13-LIT SMITH-IMG_400 copy

HRH Prince Charles

I am so shocked and happy with my letter from HRH Prince Charles! : )


The Arter, Stratford

A huge thanks to Ian for dropping 3 torsos and stands off at the Arter in Stratford. I love visiting this gorgeous gallery and sampling the yummy food. The gallery is situated in the beautiful National Trust Shakespeare’s daughters’ house.

If you fancy a visit here is a

photo copy 4 photo photo

Face casting

Harvey has been helping me. He has made a cast of my face. I am too much of a coward to have it made in one, so lucky boy had to do it in 2 halves and then spent ages joining it together! Many thanks.

I have been experimenting making clay faces and am hoping to make a series of my face for a sculpture exhibition this summer.

photo 2 copy photo 1 copy

photo 2 photo 1

Leaves finished! EWYS 20

So happy!

I have finally finished 59 special commemorative leaves. They were a special order to celebrate 20 years in business for my dear friend Emma, who is a professional singer.




Wet visit to Hidcote!

On Sunday we braved Hidcote Manor Gardens. BIG MISTAKE!

We collected Laura, and went for an early lunch (yummy). It started raining on the way and did not stop until Monday afternoon. We left the cafe, after a gorgeous roast, and had to make a hasty retreat back for tea and cake! The shop then took a hammering for early Christmas presents.

Not quite as planned!

IMG_5721 IMG_5723 IMG_5724

IMG_5725 IMG_5727

IMG_5735 IMG_5728


International Ataxia Awareness Day

Today is the International Ataxia Awareness Day, 25th September.
To help launch their new 20:20 Vision campaign - aiming for a cure, there is a new film.

'Hidcote Manor Gardens - Sculpture Trail'

I am very excited about my final sculpture trail of the year at Hidcote Manor Gardens in Gloucestershire. It will be my 2nd year at this stunning event.

I must congratulate Lisa Edinborough on her excellent organisational skills, after having to take over the sculpture trail when Pam became sick. Best wishes for Pam’s speedy recovery too.

If you would like to visit ‘Hidcote Sculpture Trail’ it is running

Saturday 8th September - Sunday 30th September 2012

10am - 6pm, normal admission applies.

If you would like to purchase any of the sculptures, please enquire at the Visitor Reception.

IMG_Woodland(b) IMG_Nautical(a)

£385 and £325

Both my torsos can be found in the Fuchsia Garden.

An excellent booklet is also available, including all the prices.If you would like a pdf to download please click HIDCOTE

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 10.28.35

'Fine Art Open Competition', Weston Park, Shropshire

Another exciting day, it was the Official Opening of the ‘Fine Art Open Competition’ at Weston Park in Shropshire. There were some lovely artworks entered in the competition this year, as you can see.

If you would like to visit


11am - 4pm

Wednesday 1st August 2012 -Thursday 30th August 2012.

Many of the works are for sale. My torso and stand are £575.

IMG_5392 IMG_5400

IMG_5404 IMG_5396

'Art in the Garden ' - PRICES

clay torso, ceramic female, dark blue ceramic torso, dark lue, male back in clay ceramic torso, dark blue, female

I have had a few requests for prices so I hope this helps. They are available as single works.
Love Triangle 1 (with hand)

Love Triangle 2

Love Triangle 3

'Art in the Garden' - Press evening

Last night we went to the press evening party of ‘Art in the Garden’ at Painswick Rococo Garden. Kate’s friend, Lizzie, came with us and we had a lovely evening seeing all the sculptures, and dodging the rain! This is a sample or the photos. If you would like to see more please click here.

IMG_5321 IMG_5344 IMG_5336

IMG_5389 IMG_5337 IMG_5387

P1000747 IMG_5327

IMG_5365 IMG_5347

Scottish Holiday in Ardnamurchan

Just returned from a brilliant holiday in Scotland. This is a small selection of the photos that I took.

IMG_4866 IMG_4895

IMG_4949 IMG_4968

IMG_4973 IMG_4989

IMG_5007 IMG_5081
IMG_5030 IMG_5105

IMG_5124 IMG_5116

IMG_5135 IMG_5203

IMG_5253 IMG_5263

IMG_5303 IMG_5172

IMG_5313 IMG_4957

Please help the dairy farmers

My Dad used to be a dairy farmer. They just want to make a living like the rest of us. Please share on facebook, retweet or display. The original is at

Thank you.


Fine Art Open Competition 2012, Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park,

Fine Art Open Competition 2012, Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park.

Great news, I have been selected for the Halls competition!

I was lucky enough to be chosen for their fist exhibition last year (and sold my torso). They have a wonderful selection of very talented artworks on display.

If you would like to visit, the exhibition is held in the two galleries at the ‘
Granary Art Gallery’, Weston Park.

Wednesday 1st August - Friday 31st August 2012

11am - 4pm.


My work 2012

'Art in The Garden' - Painswick Rococo Garden

I am getting excited about ‘Art in the Garden’. It is my first time I have exhibited at Painswick Rococo Garden. For a month a year (August), they invite artists to exhibit. This year the theme is ‘Embarkation for Dangerous Liaisons’.

These are the 3 torsos I am entering.

If you would like to visit, this is ‘
Painswick Rococo Garden’ website and the ‘Art in the Garden’.

We visited last year and had a great time (and tea!). There are lots of different works of art and something for everyone.

clay torso, ceramic female, dark blue ceramic torso, dark lue, male back in clay ceramic torso, dark blue, female

‘Love Triangle’

Highgrove birthday visit

Part of my 50th birthday treat was a ‘Champagne Tea Tour’ of Highgrove gardens. We had a LOVELY time. The weather was amazingly good. They tell you to allow 4 hours (2 for tour and 2 for tea and shopping!)

The gardens are beautiful and have been organic for 30 years. There is high security (understandably) so you cannot take photos but there are quite a few on the internet. I will not bore you with too many details about the garden but the the was AMAZING and the shop a must. we also bought 2 lovely plants to remind us of our day.

If you are thinking of visiting, I thoroughly recommend it! All profits go to The Prince of Wale’s charities.

Highgrove Gardens

Highgrove Gardens Highgrove Gardens

Highgrove Gardens Highgrove Gardens

Highgrove Gardens Highgrove Gardens