My SCA1 has got a bit worse so I use my Etsy shop and annually Kate and I hold a pre-christmas open day in our house during the first week of December.
My work is still available at the galleries below and at my Etsy shop, above.
Unfortunately the lovely Arter and Mews Gallery have closed.

I was at Showborough in Gloucestershire, this year.
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Kate and I did
h.Art again in September and at Christmas 2015.
It was so lovely seeing so many of you. Thank you.


Kate and I were back in Worcester Cathedral in 2014. We decorated a tree as part of Festival. It was organised by the Daisychain Benevolent Fund.
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2014 was a first go at h.Art - such fun!

Here are a few photos but there are more on my
Facebook page here.

Kate and Alice launched their gorgeous book that weekend too.

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Rachael and Paula at the
Arter very kindly hosted a shopping evening in aid of Ataxia UK. It was a tremendous success and a huge thank you to all who came. Here is a blog I wrote all about it. There are also some lovely photos on my Facebook.

Huge thanks to Steve Orchard for successfully bidding on the torso and all the help from Ian, Rory and Kate.

Thank you both again XX
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We had a busy September. Kate and I opened our workshop for h.Art. This was our first time, although we have visited many artists in past years.
Thank you so much for those who visited us. We made a lovely photo album
here. Kate also made a great video.

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Kate and my first joint art exhibition,
'A Celebration of Nature' was a wonderful success. Many thanks to all those who helped organise everything, especially Emily, the very talented stonemason and Jonathan Clift an artisan blacksmith. A special thank you to Kate too.
The launch party was brilliant fun.
Kate has made a great album on facebook . She has also made a video about the whole event. It wonderful account and I move so quickly in it!

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Next year I will be back at my usual sculpture trails, but I was a bit tired after the exhibition.
I am at the beautiful
Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Gardens, near Chepstow. They have 3 shows each year and I am in the final one from 15th August to 28th September 2014.